Alright, Now I’m getting tired!

I’m now 32 + 3 weeks and I’m starting to get tired again :(.

Still trying to figure out if today is an exception or the dreaded symptoms of the third trimester are upon me again! Plus it doesn’t help that in my last midwife appointment my blood level was good so the midwife said I don’t need the iron tablets anymore! So is my tiredness a result of being in the third trimester, stopping my iron tablets or it’s just one of them day..?

I had a funny feeling about stopping my iron tablets altogether since I didn’t have any nightmare symptoms so I figured I’ll drop my iron intake from 3 a day to 1 a day, which I would take with my pregnancy vitamins as normal. So technically I haven’t stopped the iron tablets completely, just reduced it. I’m also trying to supplement it with vegetables, although so far all I’ve really been taking is carrots (lots and lots of ’em) which don’t contain much iron sadly.

The good news is Friday will make it exactly 4 weeks to my maternity leave so even if I do feel tired I can always take a nap at home! Right now I’m still working full time and I guess that strain is starting to manifest. I could be having one of those power naps which people talk about, but just can’t think of taking a nap in the office, the idea really doesn’t appeal to me! I feel vulnerable when I’m asleep! So I’ll just struggle with the urge to sleep and take short walks around the office if it gets too bad…

I’m tempted to say I have 5 weeks before my bubu’s due, but sadly that’s just when she becomes full term (about 36/37 weeks). I’ll still stick to my normal due date and say about 8 weeks to go…

Let’s pray I don’t fall asleep on my desk before the 25th of November…

Please pray for me!

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