All Hail the Power of the Dummy/Pacifier

Before Anjie came into this world I never really liked dummies and pacifiers. I saw them as a way of keeping a baby/child quiet but not in a nice way if that makes sense :-). I said to myself ‘Oh I won’t use a dummy, it’s not nice blah blah’. Once again it just goes to show what I know about parenting (not much really!).

So we introduced Anjie to a dummy around 6 weeks, not long after I began bottle feeding her. Partly because there were times she would just scream her head off inconsolably and it kept her quiet for a short while. Sometimes she would take it and sometimes she won’t, but even when she took it it only worked for a short while!

Anyway fast forward to about a week ago and would you believe that Anjie now self soothes with a dummy!!! The fact that she self soothes is an achievement in itself! We don’t have to rock her to sleep, stuff her, sing or anything like that! As long as she’s full, clean, burped and showing signs of being sleepy (rubbing her eyes and yawning) then all we have to do is give her a dummy and lay her down in her cot and she’s out within minutes! It is a miracle! Currently she only does this at night but that is just fine as it means hubby and I get some quality time when he gets back from work! I’m still working on the afternoon bit but we’ll get there! The only down side to using the dummy to sleep is sometimes she wakes up looking for the dummy which might drop out of her mouth when she falls asleep. She doesn’t always do this but every now and then it happens, once we put it back in she’s a happy sleepy bunny again so can’t complain!

We are still working on sleeping through the night but hey, one step at a time! Infact the night feeds aren’t really that bad any more thankfully. She usually only wakes up once between 11pm – 6am and most times she’s back to sleep in minutes once she’s done feeding (with the help of the dummy of course!). So I’ll say we’re only up for about 1 hour for the night feeds, thank God.

All in all, since my parents left Anjie has mostly been a very good girl, and I thank God for that! I don’t think it has much to do with our totally awesome parenting style but more to the fact that she’s just a happy baby who is content once she’s well fed and rested! Who could ask for more? I pray she continues this way and doesn’t give us much to worry about in terms of illness, behaviour and tantrums!

Here’s to happy babies!! Xxx

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