Aj’s First Birthday Party at 4

First of all, Happy New Year! This post should have come last year but better late than never! 🙂

We finally did a birthday party for Aj the weekend before Christmas and it went better than I expected!

I previously blogged about Nigerian vs British kids parties and I was torn on how to go about the party. I knew I wanted it to be as stress-free as possible (for me!) but for it to be fun for the kids. Hubby and I were pretty much on the same page regarding this AND maintaining a non-expensive budget too!

So what did we do in the end?

Prior to the party the kids and the kids and I went to various soft play centres to find a nice one for Aj party because I knew I didn’t want to do it at home. Hubby liked the thought of a house party but due to the birthday season being in winter we knew it won’t work. The kids needed space to run around but there was no way to do it in the house!

Daddy with the birthday girl

I also dreaded the thought of cooking for kids AND their parents – what would I cook? Nigerian party food (jollof rice, fried rice, poundo, etc) or kiddies small chops (chips, sandwiches, crisps, sausages, etc)? If I was to leave it to my daughter, it would definitely be chips and cheese! But what about the adults? Stress levels rising…

How would I entertain the kids? I suppose I could get a bouncy castle for outside but it would probably be too cold to play outside! I could also hire an entertainer and pray the kids are entertained! Would it be a themed party? What theme would it be? The ideas were endless!

Mummy with the birthday girl

There was also that interesting thing of the invitees! Aj has about four different set of ‘friends’. Her nursery friends (this is her last year in nursery though), big school friends, church friends (we go to a small Redeemed church in Chester where she/we’ve made some really great families who have kids around Aj & Junior’s age) AND family friends (her cousins and friends). Quite a mix of British and Nigerian kids which we would need to cater to!


Anyway, these were all the different things going through my head – as you can tell by now I’m very lazy like that and don’t like stress, for some people they would be so excited at the ‘challenge’! So in the end to simplify things, we picked a soft play centre which Aj loved. They would organise everything and all we had to do was bring our lovely selves! That’s a win in my books!

The food!

The kids had loads of fun, Aj torn her Elsa costume which she insisted on wearing and mummy darling forget to pack a change of clothes for her! So she got a bit upset about that, but we got over it! The kids – a total of 18 (!!) aged 0 to 6 – had fries, fish fingers or pizza with ice cream and cake and the adults had sandwiches. I was a bit upset I couldn’t bring my own food for the adults but that was their policy as they made food themselves. Other than that, it was great! Aj got LOADS of presents which I wasn’t expecting at all! I’m personally more of a voucher person myself so was very thoughtful of people to go out of their way to get presents for her, some mums even asked me what she liked prior to the party!

Father and son

All in all, I’d say we had a good time. Would I do it again? Definitely! But a tiny part of me is also a little curious about the ‘challenge’ of organising a proper kids party, at home in the summer – maybe I say this now as we’re not due for party for another year at least! That’s one reason I sometimes wish Junior was a summer baby! But guess we’d just have to make do with Hubby’s summer birthday party 🙂

Loving her Elsa ballon




On her actual birthday


Was a struggle getting this picture taken – a self stick would have been great!

Have a lovely weekend!


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  1. I’m super late. Happy belated birthday to AJ.
    I totally understand the stress you were trying to avoid. Lol, like totally. I’m not about that life either. Looks like she had a great time.

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