Aj’s Dentist Appointment finally happened

Last week was the dreaded week which finally came and went…

Aj finally went to the dentist to get her teeth done after discovering she had two cavities in her teeth. It went better than I expected, my daughter was strong, bless her, but it still hurt a bit…

We had two options – put a permanent filling in or put a crown on the affected teeth.

The filling option was what I assumed we would go for but the dentist advised that it won’t necessarily stop the decaying of the teeth and although it’s her milk teeth, we ideally still want to manage them for another few years at least before they fall off.


We were advised to go with the crown on the teeth which would should prevent the cavity from getting any bigger after putting a temporary filling in the cavity. So currently Aj’s teeth has two shiny silver crowns protecting her teeth which she’s quite proud of and shows to everyone, bless her.

It did hurt especially when the dentist told her to press down and seal the crown and she cried a little bit but all things considered she was strong! I had worried myself silly as I had a very bad experience with the dentist growing up but thankfully these dentist were much nicer and calmer! They encouraged her and carried her along with everything they were doing so she knew what to expect and even played with some of their tools. Plus she got two stickers which she loved!

This is what it looks like now…

FullSizeRender (13)

I hope that’s that done but we’ll have another appointment in about 4 months so we’ll see what the dentist says. She did say they couldn’t get her to press down as hard as they would have liked so there’s a possibility of the crown coming off, which is why we have another check-up in a few months.

In the spirit of catching them young, Junior will have his first dentist appointment in May, with his 8 teeth – maybe he’ll have more than!

Right now, if I never see another dentist room with the kids I would be a happy mummy!

You all have a wonder Easter celebration


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4 comments on “Aj’s Dentist Appointment finally happened

  1. You know I have seen kids with crowns & I never knew what they were and why they had them. I’m glad it went better than you expected.

    • Thanks Cassie! Yeah thank God for local anaesthesia but generally it’s not something they normally give to kids unless in extreme cases! Thankfully it hasn’t coming to that and I pray it doesn’t anytime soon! X

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