Aj and Junior settling down in the South

I still can’t believe we moved down south! I talked so much about my doubts and uncertainity so it’s funny how I did a quick turn around. Sometimes life just presents you with an opportunity and you either grab it and run with it or dig your heels in and stand your ground…

All things considered, moving down south has been better than I expected. We decided to simplify a number of things which helped, however, come September it’s going to be interesting time again and I just pray it sorts itself out before we get there!

In North Wales, Aj started going to preschool with the free education for over 3+ year olds and she loved it! I would drop Juionr at nursery and Aj in school around 8am; after school, the nursery would pick her up by 11.30am then I’d go pick them both from nursery after 5pm, it was a great and simple arrangement.

When we decided to move to Hertfordshire, I initially tried to get Aj into a preschool again but it was a nightmare! We were moving ‘in-year’ so all admissions to the local state schools had closed so spaces were now limited.

I was really frustrated when I was told that the morning sessions were all gone. That means my daughter would have to go for afternoon sessions – 12-3pm, right in the middle of the busy work day! The nursery I had picked for Ade didn’t do school picks and infact, I didn’t find any nursery that did! It was not funny at all!

We initially thought of getting a nanny/mummy-helper to help with the school runs and reduce Junior’s hours in the nursery. Some how that didn’t work out either because even getting a nanny provided to take longer than expected – I honestly didn’t realise it would take weeks (months really) to find someone, there I was thinking it’d only take a couple of weeks! There were also reservations about having someone live with us…

So in the end we decided to go for the simpliest option (albeit slightly more expensive) and have Aj and Junior in the same nursery! The nursery runs a preschool session in the morning and afternoon so she gets to attend that and I don’t pay those hours. She also gets to spend time with her brother which I believe helped loads with his settling into the new nursery..

I love this arrangement and everyone is happy but this will change come September when Aj starts reception! I’m still waiting to find out if she gets admissions into the school 2mins a way from the house – it’s been oversubscribed in the last 2 years so I’m not holding my breathe…then there’s afterschool care and the likes to think about… the joys of kids growing up…

Here’s a short video I posted on instragam earlier in the week…

A video posted by Tola Omoniyi (@tolafam21) on May 28, 2016 at 1:28pm PDT

Do you have kids in school/nursery? How do you balance it all? Share you stories in the comment or send me an email! I’d love to hear it…

6 comments on “Aj and Junior settling down in the South

  1. Nice that you moved “down south” so welcome! 🙂

    something similar happened to us when we moved homes recently, my 3yr old was in fulltime nursery at our previous address and finding a new one became a nightmare, we had to choose a childminder who finished at 6pm which meant i left work at 4:45pm for pickup.

    I also tried to get a nanny/au pair to do the pickups/dropoffs but that took a number of months, i eventually settled for using an agent to get one and found one within a couple of weeks (of course I had to pay them). So our current arrangement is with the live-in nanny, they go to different playgroups, parks etc then come sept she will start the school nursery ten mins away from us.

    I guess someone living in your home takes some getting used to but I’ve seen a number of my friends who its worked for plus every childcare option has its pros and cons…

    • Haha, thanks a lot Temi!

      That sounds like a great arrangement actually. Yeah I agree with the nanny bit, lots of friends do it too and it works for them. I think in the long run we will too, but for now we’ll stick with the nursery, we’ll see how September goes. I like the idea of them going to playgroups and all though cos I always worried they’d just be coped up in the house! x

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