A little bit of DIY with Enchanted Interiors

So, we live in a rented house and we’ve been bitten a few times when it comes to changing a rented property and all. We’re not allowed to make much changes to a room, its in our contract. So that’s always been my excuse for not really doing up Anjie’s room and making it more of a little child’s room.

In our old place in Leeds, Anjie’s room was already sort of done up so we didn’t need to do much with it, the colour was just right, it had a nice almost girlie wallpaper to it so we were fine, all we did was get Anjie’s name done using Pretty Little Letters and that made it her room. So her room was cute and simple – as you can tell, I’m a bit of a lazy person when it comes to decorating and all 🙂

So fast forward to our move to North Wales and we had a very nice but neutral room. In fact its so neutral that when we’ve had family over we have moved Anjie a few times to our room and our guests slept in her room and they could actually think it was just a guest room!


Now, those days are gone, thanks to Enchanted Interiors!

When Wendy said she was looking for bloggers to help review her product I was instantly drawn to some of the designs I saw, but hubby was like forget it, you know we live in a rented property, we cant touch the wall. So I did some more research I found out that with Enchanged Interiors the wallpaper had self-adhesive which came off walls easily! How awesome was that. So I jumped at the opportunity to review the product and was extremely pleased when I was selected!


All I can say about the product – it was a breeze! It only took us 10 minutes to get it done. Abby was impressed, and I tell you, he is a hard one to please! The wall art stuck to the walls easily and the instructions were just simple and self explanatory. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t used this soon! The stickers also have a matte like finish to it and its a little thick so you can actually feel it.

Anyway, let me show you what I’m going on and on…


As you can see, Anjie is in LOVE with the pandas we selected (maybe because she has a soft cuddly panda). She just keep pointing at them and blabbing in excitement! Shes been waving to them and saying hi all weekend to them. I think she’s very happy with her room!


My only concern with the wall art is for the much bigger ones. I loved the fact that it didn’t take too long to get done, but for the smaller pieces, like the leaves, those would have been a lot trickier if they had a lot of leaves! Or maybe that’s just me being lazy again… But either way I love it!

Next step, a toddler bed!! Yeah!

Have a lovely week ahead…


If you’re interested in re-decorating Wendy is currently offering a 10% off for a week so go look at some of the lovely designs she has on her website and use the discount code CMMBR13.

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  1. awww…..how cute! Been struggling with the same issue of decorating baby’s room as Hubby has an apathy for nails and such so won’t let me put up pictures, decorations etc. This could definitely work for us…thanks for Sharing :-)..x

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