8 Months old Check-up & Back to Work!

My little man turned 8 months this week! What an amazing journey it’s been getting to this stage!

I definitely have to say motherhood has been a lot easier better this second time around – breastfeeding for one was smoother, weaning is going better and I guess I’m just more relaxed as a mother. I pray I haven’t jinxed things now!

Junior is still a serious little man, chilled out and not fussed at all, except at night or when he isn’t getting what he wants. We still have to work for the smiles but when they come it melts my heart every time!

So what has 8 months brought about?

Teeth! My son is finally growing some teeth! It’s been a long time coming as he’s always been a drooler and I suspect it has played a massive role in the restless nights too! We’ve got the front bottom two popping out for now and already I’m starting to see slight improvement in his bed routine. But now that also means biting… he’s bitten me a few times already when I was breastfeeding him… ouch!

Junior has finally been evicted or semi-evicted as I like to call it from our bedroom. He spends the first part of the night in his cot in his sister’s room then joins us later in the night when I’m ready to sleep or when he wakes up much later in the night. This means I can at least put the light on in my room and watch TV if I wanted to without fear of waking up the young man. I still look forward to him sleep through in his own cot.

We went for the 8 month health check and turns out my son weighs 10.27kg! I knew I was weightlifting with this guy so I’m not overly surprised, he is very chunky. He is also 71cm tall, so all in all, we’re growing nicely! The health visitor also recommended I progress him to more solids and less puree especially as he wasn’t sleeping well, so this will be interesting! I’ve actually tried him on Nigerian food like eba and okro which he liked, so I just need to get him eating more of this.

Officially, I went back to work this Monday, after the 9 months break and would you believe I still had my full holidays including bank holidays to take? How amazing is that? So I decided to do a phased return to work by coming in 3 days a week till the end of the year then back to 5 days a week from January 2016. It’s great to work in a maternity friendly company and I’m so thankful for the opportunity! Junior started 3 days a week at the nursery start of October so this hasn’t changed anything for him and Aj still does her mornings at big school and afternoons at the nursery. I’ll be using the extra days to study for my exams next month… can’t wait to be done with it! It’s like this albatross hanging around my neck!

If you missed this on my instagram page, this is essentially what Aj and Junior have been up to, and some…

A photo posted by Tola Omoniyi (@tolafam21) on Oct 13, 2015 at 12:09pm PDT

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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14 comments on “8 Months old Check-up & Back to Work!

    • Yep! I found it didn’t work with Aj until I stopped breastfeeding and it was pretty stressful so won’t be doing it this time until I’ve stopped breastfeeding, I can’t shout this second time! Lol…

  1. Beautiful. Happy 8-months to him! I love that first picture you posted of him. Its like he saying “come on mommy, you know I’m worth it all!” Too cute!
    Congrats on going back to work. I wish we had a similar policy in the States but oh well…I have always said I want to retire to a European country but by the time we do that, I’ll be well past my child bearing stage.
    Hope you had an awesome week! Have an even more fabulous weekend!

  2. You work in the best company. Honestly, do not think we have a company in the states that allows that long for maternity leave and still have holiday options that are also that flexible.
    But Jr is so adorable though, glad to know motherhood is better the second time around.

  3. I’m going to sound like a total old Aunty, but seems like it was only weeks ago when you were pregnant with Junior. Now he’s an 8 month old cuteee.

    You’re making mum-of-two look so easy.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Hahaha!! I know exactly what you mean! It’s literally just gone by like that! Next thing I know I’ll be thinking of what cake to get for his first birthday! It’s crazy! Awww thanks for that, even know I know it’s not always the case, lol! Still waiting for the update post! X

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