6 Months and We Crawling and Teething!

My little baby is 6 months today!! My goodness where has time gone… I’m just so thankful to God for how far we’ve come! I know we’ve had it pretty easy with this girl, all things considered! She is an absolute darling most days! Yes, she gets cranky every now and then, we’re still trying to get the hang of weaning and she’s still not sleeping through but most times she’s really only up about 2-3 times between 7pm-8am so not all bad… :). I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune about sleeping through when I get back to work in August but till then, I’m just going to enjoy what time I have left!

So what have we achieved now that we’re 6 months old? Crawling and Teething that’s what!


Anjie has been trying to move for a few weeks now so I’m proud to see she has moved to actually worm crawling! Yes, we’re not quite crawling yet but worm shuffling instead – moving with her tummy! Bottomline, she is getting from point A to B quite nicely and anything in her path is in trouble! I expect she’ll start crawling properly in a month or so, especially at the rate she’s going… Fun times.

We’ve started child proofing the house but fortunately we don’t have too many breakables lying around so that’s good. She’s also a pro at grabbing stuffs with her hands now so my glasses are always the first to go followed my by earrings! She also grabs my hair when she has a chance! Very cheeky! And of course whatever goes into her hand goes to her mouth, as is tradition…

Talking about mouths, a tooth has finally cut through, Yippeeeee!! We had suspected she was teething with all the times she would bite her fingers, toys, our fingers, etc so glad the infamous tooth as finally made its appearance! We’re talking about the bottom front tooth here, which ironically hasn’t come as pair so far! I was told they usually came in pairs but so far only one has cut through! We’ll continue to monitor it to see how it goes and how long it takes to full come out. Tried to take a picture but the babe just isn’t having it! Oh well…

I also just have to share a picture of my favourite nephew! His all grown now and looks sooo cute and CHUBBY compared to a month ago! God is great! Anjie still hasn’t met her cousin but soon enough they’ll be chatting and running all over the place! Can’t wait to meet him too!!


Enjoy the rest of your week and have a great weekend!

Update: The second tooth finally came through a few days later, so we good in the hood! Waiting for the top set now! Excited!!

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