5 weeks and we introduced something new!

So my booboo turned 5 weeks this week! She’s growing bigger and bigger and can officially be called an ‘orobo’ which means ‘fat person’ in Yoruba but in this case we’ll go for chubby baby 🙂

After about two weeks of battling baby acne, it is clearing up, thank God! Went to the doctors on Thursday and they gave us Oilatum Junior Moisturising cream and Bathing liquid to use twice a day and whenever we bath her and I’ve already started seeing improvements! Her skin is not as dry as it used to look so they means it’s working well! Hopefully before the week runs out she’ll have the skin of well, a baby again!

This week also saw the introduction of baby FORMULA!!! I know right!! There i was thinking i would exclusively breastfeed for 6 months but shows you what I know! Always be open minded when it comes to pregnancy and babies! My birth story is a classic example of things not going the way I planned! I’ve been having some issues with exclusive breastfeeding and this week was really bad! She was literally on the breast all day and somewhere along the line we had a bad latch so got sore nipples and was just weak! So I gave her a bottle of Cow & Gate which she absolutely took to like it was breast milk! Was a bit worried when she didn’t poo that same night but by the next day with lots of breast feeding again she’s back on track! I guess it also helps that I express milk and feed her with a bottle sometimes too so the bottle was nothing new to her. Now if only she would settle with a dummy instead of spitting it out all the time!

The formula knocked her out a bit and she slept quite well and soundly too! So going to try giving her formula during the last feed between 9-11pm to see how long it carries her during the night. Normally with the breast milk it carries her for about 3 hours at night so I’m hoping we could push this to 4-5 hours, fingers crossed! If it doesn’t work then I might just say good bye to formula except when needed or maybe not. We’ll see how it goes! Open-mindedness…

We’ve got our 6 week baby clinic appointment next week as well so Anjie will get weighed and I’ll also get checked to see how I’ve recovered and all! Fun times! In terms of MY weight I’ll say I’ve lost about 10kg but still have at least another 15kg to go! Yes I know, I put on a lot of weight! I’m hoping that since I’m breastfeeding it’ll help some… We’ll see!

I’ve also been in the market for a baby sling as my mum will soon be leaving (this is the part where I’m close to breaking down!) so need to get things which will occupy my little pumpkin while I get things done in the house. I’ve decided to try the Victoria Sling lady sling for now partly cos it’s cheap and relatively simple to use, from the little I’ve seen. My other option was the Baba sling. I’ll write a review of the sling when I get it and see if it’s worth it or not…

Also congrats to my blogger friend Chichi for the safe delivery of her pink bundle of joy mid last week!

Right back to mummy duties and expressing milk! You all have a lovely week!

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