40 weeks today and oh yeah, it’s My Due Date

So the 18th has come… The much awaited due date! Not sure what I expected to feel really, but I can tell you now it’s pretty much like any other day! I’ve got the usual Braxton hicks and period cramps but nothing solid still.

However, on a positive note, I had a bloody show this evening! That’s the mucus plug from my cervix thingy! This means my baby girl is getting ready to make an appearance! Would have loved for her to show on her due date so I can say she’s a right-on-time kinda gal but that might not be (that said, say what say what, anything can happen, the night is still young!).

That said, when I first found out I was pregnant my initial due date was the 23rd of December – using the normal calculations and last cycle date. Then I had my first ultra scan at 13 weeks where they moved my date to the 18th based on the size of the baby. So she could still show up by or before the 23rd – this would mean science isn’t always right!

This evening we went for an Active Birth class at the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) hospital. Was quite enlightening and finally had a tour of the delivery suite at the end, so that was good. The class basically talked about empowering one’s self during labour by being active and as natural as possible. This includes avoiding the bed!! Or rather using it as a tool, but NOT lying flat on it – so using it as a prop, and taking various positions most comfortable for your body. Some of the body positions suggested were squatting, kneeling, leaning on the bed, etc. The midwife also actively encouraged home births and water births. Infact she promoted it so much it got me and hubby thinking we’ll try a home birth next time! Watch this space… All in all, it was a good class and took a lot out of it.

The midwife also talked about staying active before and during the early stages of pregnancy, by taking a walk for example. I truly wish I could go out and take long or short walks but it’s just too cold and windy outside 🙁 ! I’ve made a note to myself to avoid a winter baby next time for this very reason! The cold has and will prevent me from taking walks for exercise including when the baby gets here – I might have to brace the weather then though cos I need to shed the baby weight and get out of the house sometime!

I finally have decided to post a picture of myself! At last… I’m hoping this would be my only pregnant picture I post here for this pregnancy! Either way, I’ve also done a collage of my various stages of pregnancy on my favourite pictures page. I’ll update the page as we go along with milestones pictures too so that should be fun!

So here a picture of me at 40 weeks!!!


Have a lovely week and wish me luck!!

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3 comments on “40 weeks today and oh yeah, it’s My Due Date

  1. Nice pic! It’s funny because I talk about the 19th January as if it is a dead certainty. This baby is probably on her own schedule and will come when she is good ready. I need to be prepared to meet her before or after!

    Stay strong – definitely not long to go now.

  2. congrats tola. I wish all the best in this adorable journey. Am not in leeds right now but my hubby is in leeds and will visit Jasmine.

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