40 + 5 weeks – Baby, where are you? #Pregnancy 2

I realise now that Aj spoilt me…

I had given birth by this time so it’s quite strange to find I’m still pregnant at 40 + 5 weeks. All things considered, it’s still ‘early’ days as I’ve still got at least 5 – 7 days to go before I can get induced but it really does seem odd as I always thought the second and subsequent babies would come earlier and quicker – I stand corrected!

40 + 5 - Baby where are you?

I’ve had no false labour signs or anything this time around, last time I had a bloody show by my 40th week and a couple of false labout but still haven’t had one this time. I have been having the mild period like cramps, backaches and braxton hicks but that’s about it. I’ve also done all the usual tricks to speed up labour like long walks, pineapples, hot curries, sex, dancing, bouncing on the birth ball etc and they haven’t done jack. This baby just isn’t ready!

I had a Midwife appointment yesterday and had a membrane sweep where they check how dilated the cervix is and do a ‘sweep’ of the area to try to kick start labour. Turned out I was only 1cm dilated which isn’t much considering this is my second child and baby still isn’t fully engaged, although the head is still making it’s way down – something which is not usual with subsequent babies.

I’m booked in for another sweep on Friday and to book an induction date! Yikes! It’s getting real now… looks like I might be missing out on that water birth of mine, again… Oh well, God knows best!

Here’s Aj & I having a selfie moment the other day since I haven’t posted a picture of both of us recently! She’s completely oblivious to the waiting that’s going on in the house at the moment, if only she knew what was coming… 🙂

Aj & Mummy

The next date to look out for is the 21st apparently, as I’ve seriously prayed not to have a birthday mate in the past but right now, I’m just praying for this blessed child of mine to get here before the induction date!

Enjoy the rest of your week lovely people!


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4 comments on “40 + 5 weeks – Baby, where are you? #Pregnancy 2

  1. Gosh, I ran here to look at your blog in hopes of catching pictures of #2. Hang in there. He or she will be here soon. Wishing you a safe delivery whenever baby makes his or her appearance.

    I love the mother/daughter selfie. Too cute!

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