39 weeks! Grandma is back in town – #Pregnancy 2

Yippeeeee! Now, I can officially say we’re ready for this baby 🙂

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go… but I don’t feel like this baby is rather to make an appearance though!

Plus it seems like I still haven’t dropped based on my picture, although I looked about the same thing last time, only bigger! My parents were also in town already this time with Aj at 39 weeks! So we decided to mix it up this time and invite my mother-in-law over instead! It should be fun, especially as she’ll be here for a few months! Another person for Aj to harass with her chatter – yes, we’re getting to that stage with the little madam, she’s absolutely hilarious!

39 weeks - Feature

Can I just say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in my Guess My Delivery Date Giveaway which closed yesterday! I’m totally blown away by the number of entries that came through! I was scared of doing it initially because I thought I’d only get a couple of entries but in the end it’s come to 50 entries!! I know it does mean there’s now a 1 in 50 chance of winning though, haha! Some of you really scared me with you speculations but let me just say – I DO NOT pray to still be pregnant by the 21th of February 🙂

My dream date would be the 12th of February as that’s our wedding anniversary… how romantic would that be 🙂 But if I’m honest I don’t see this baby coming out this week, I just don’t feel any different! At least with Aj I was getting period cramps around this time, but this time, nothing…

Although I haven’t been doing much exercise I’ve managed to continue with some mild pilates and taking walks – not what I planned but it’s better than nothing! These days I just want to sleep! Towards the end of last week hubby and I had a viral infection which knocked us out! The person who gave us, Aj, was a happy bunny as usual, bless her! So we had to go to the doctors and got some antibiotics to fight the infection, it wasn’t funny! So I keep telling myself I’m still recovering from that – still got a cough and my nose feels like it’ll never be unblocked again! Thankfully though the worst is over!

Here is to praying that our little joy makes a joyful and easy appearance within the next week or so!

Have a great week!


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