37 weeks – Maternity Photoshoot with a Toddler!

This pregnancy is definitely shaping out to be the first of many isn’t it! First it was my surprise baby shower which I didn’t get with AJ and now it’s a Maternity photo shoot which I also didn’t have with AJ! We did this earlier in the year when I was about 35 weeks and it was COLD so had to stick with an indoor shoot.

Now this is something I had mixed feelings about for a number of reasons…

  • I’m a bit camera-shy
  • I’m not crazy about my weight right now but hey, that’s the joy of being pregnant (among other things…), right?
  • I wasn’t too sure if AJ would be a good sport and if she would enjoy it

So with all these reasons in my head I just decided to bite the bullet and do it, plus its good memories to cherish and share when the kids are older, once I get around to enlarging and framing them! We’ll be able to look back on this time and smile especially as I didn’t have that many pictures when I was pregnant with AJ.

I have to say though, It was not a work in the park o! AJ was very interesting during the session, bless her. She literally had her highs and lows, at the end of the session hubby and I were exhausted! Making a toddler smile for that long is hard work! Well done to Tanya from Tanya Davies Photography for her relentless energy! I honestly don’t know how she does it! She was amazing and upbeat all through the one hour session! Plus she takes lovely pictures! All in all, it was good fun but definitely not something we want to do in a hurry again, even though we’ll be having another one when the little one arrives… we need more treats and tricks on how to make the next one more enjoyable! Ideas please!!

Anyway, enough with the talk, lets just get on with the pictures! It was really hard picking favourites as we had so many lovely ones but I’ve been able to narrow it down I think…













In other news, I’ve been ‘nesting’ and cleaning up the house and slowing packing my bags! So I can almost say I’m ready for our little one to arrive, especially as the day is drawing closer… Getting excited but also a little nervous! I really pray I’m not overdue again with this one… I know everything is in God’s hands right now and He’ll see me through this like he did last time, and this time will be even better than the last!

Please don’t forget to nominate my blog for the Nigerian Blog Awards in Category 17 (Best Parenting/Family blog) as it closes next week! Thank you!

You all enjoy the rest of your week!


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