36 weeks – Busy busy Week it was!

Wow!! 36 weeks!!! This week has been pretty busy and so much has been going on! Where do I start?!

First of all, my parent are in town! All the way from Warri, Nigeria! They got in last weekend and have been at my brother’s place all week. He just graduated with a Doctorate in Human Computer Interaction! How awesome is that? So a big short out to my big bro for setting such amazing standards for his siblings to follow!

So hubby and I went over to Middlesborough for the graduation ceremony, which is just about 1.5hrs from Leeds. After the ceremony we went on to Newcastle and came back the next morning. Fortunately, we took a half day Wednesday and Thursday so didn’t have to rush back into work Thursday morning.

My mum got to see her baby girl officially pregnant! She said I wasn’t so big and doing well for :6 weeks (still up and about) so that was nice to hear especially since some people said I looked huge! Said i took after her in that regard cos she was all over the place as well when she was preggy too! (Did i mention my brother cane two weeks early…? Hmmmm….) My dad’s also excited about the thought of becoming a grandpa! Still can’t believe we’re going to make my folks grandparents! They’re quite anxious and constantly praying for us, but I believe in a few weeks we will all rejoice and be glad! They’ll come down to Leeds when the little one comes or at least that’s the plan for now. But who knows, I might start missing my mummy and daddy! 🙂

And finally on Friday, which is today, was my last day at work! As much as I hate goodbyes I think it went well! I literally went like a thief in the night during lunch break cos I had a half day. There were a few people in the office so I said my byes and gave some hugs and was out! I’ll be back a couple of times with the baby to visit so that should be fun!

After that, I went for my 36 week Midwife appointment which was fine as well, thank God.. The little madam is doing fine, measured 37 inches (or is it cm?? Sha the right size for my stage!) and she’s 2/5 engaged, meaning she’s in a good position and started her decend down in preparation to join this world! Fun times!

I’m booked in for my water birth so now just have to pray the pool is available when I come in. My feet and ankles have also started swelling big time, but the midwife said since I didn’t have any other signs of pre-eclampsia, we’re good!

Winter is also upon us! It’s really getting cold, especially today! And to think its only growing to get worse before it gets better! Anyway we’ll be indoors more than anything, busy with the baby so I’m sure winter will fly by this year!

What do I have planned for my maternity leave? Good question! All I know is I haven’t packed my bags yet, so that’s what I’m working on for now. But other than that, lots and lots of rest and relaxation!!


Have a great weekend everyone…

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