36 Weeks – Baby Shower and First Week Off #Pregnancy 2

36 Weeks – Baby Shower and First Week Off #Pregnancy 2

This second pregnancy of mine is turning into the first of many! For one thing, I had my first every Baby Shower over the weekend! It’s one of those things I didn’t have the first time as we were in a new town with most of our friends back in Newcastle so didn’t do anything and the same for this second time as well! We’ve been living in North Wales for just about 2 years so once again I really wasn’t planning anything but surprise surprise it happened, and it was a lovely surprise…

The baby shower was organised by our church, which was so thoughtful of them especially as we only started attending this church about 4 months ago! It’s a lovely growing African church in Chester and so far we’re really enjoying the fellowship and people there, we’ve met a number of other young families too so Aj already has some friends there too. Anyway, back to the baby shower – they organised the shower with help from my dear husband and I was totally oblivious to the whole thing! What a surprise! baby shower picture

They were waiting for us at home as Abby had left the key behind for them to come in while we went shopping. We had the usual girly chats, gifts, prayers and food! It was a lovely evening and had a great time after I got over my shock at seeing them in the house – I thought I hadn’t locked the door when I got home so I was a little upset with myself! Thank you lovely ladies for your kindness, prayers and gifts we really appreciate you guys.

Earlier in the week, I had my 36 week midwife appointment and thankfully baby is definitely still head down and making his way down so that is music to my ears, I can rest knowing I have a much stronger chance of have a natural birth as I did with Aj! I’m also praying this time around I could actually have that water birth which I missed out on first time around, especially as the hospital has this really nice birthing pool in one of the delivery rooms we saw during our hospital tour…

The rest of the week has been pretty quiet and I must have slept so much already! So much for my plan of getting ready for our little joy bundle this week! To be fair I have ordered things but there’s still packing to do and I keep promising myself I will get to it – after I’ve slept some more! And ‘school‘ starts next week too, I will get my act together.

Here’s to being more productive during the rest of this week! Please don’t forget to nominate yours truly in the Family/Parenting blog category (No 17) for the Nigerian Blog Awards, I’d be ever so grateful for your support!

Have a good one lovely people…


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4 comments on “36 Weeks – Baby Shower and First Week Off #Pregnancy 2

  1. What a blessing. I love that you and your family have a good church community and that you got to experience a baby shower filled with blessings. That’s what its all about.

    My office just gave me a surprise baby shower on Tuesday. I wasn’t expecting one especially since most times, folks don’t throw showers for you if you’re having another baby within 5-years of the same gender. It was certainly a blessing.

    Enjoy your maternity! You have definitely earned it :-D.

    • It truly is a blessing! I’ve never heard about the 5 year rule before though! Good thing too because I didn’t get one last time! Hahaa! Thanks! X

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