35 Weeks – Countdown to Maternity Leave! #Pregnancy 2

35 Weeks – Countdown to Maternity Leave! #Pregnancy 2

I’m on a one week countdown to kicking off my maternity leave! Excited much!!

I can’t wait to have my lie-ins, although who am I kidding? Once you have a toddler that is out the window! Plus, I need to get Aj ready for nursery in the mornings as normal, but at least once she’s gone I will definitely be going back to bed! So I will be one of those mums dropping off her kid at the nursery in their pyjamas or something close! I don’t care!! 🙂 Orrrr, maybe I could get hubby to do it…

35 weeks - Maternity countdown

(I finally got around to taking a bump shot!!!)

I’ve actually got a few things lined up for the next few weeks, considering I haven’t done a single thing in terms of preparations – the joys of having a second child! Hubby and I were talking about it yesterday how we kept going window shopping and picking/testing things in the shops and the attendants always knew this was our first child, etc! Now I understand! This time, I plan on buying everything I need online! I cannot be bothered to go around the shops with a toddler running around and me trying to keep up with her!

I will also be doing some pampering sessions which is long overdue – my nails can’t remember the last time they saw a good polish! I’m considering a maternity photo shoot which we never got around to with Aj for some strange reason! Would be good for the memories if nothing else, a bit nervous as I’m a bit photo shoot shy! I’m fine with the occasional picture but a full-out photo shoot with a stranger, well I don’t know…

Also this week, I had my 34 week appointment with my midwife and that was one of my quickest appointments yet, something I’m extremely thankful for as it means all is well!

  • Still measuring a little large but I’m following the growth curve so that’s fine
  • Baby’s heartbeat is nice and strong
  • Blood pressure and protein test were fine
  • Baby movement is pretty good
  • Baby has finally changed position and is making their way down in preparation for birth – this was something I was quite worried about and had already started googling breech births and all, the devil is a liar!

All in all, that’s a lot to be thankful for! My next appointment is at 36+ weeks but in the meantime, we’ll be having a tour of our birth hospital before then. We need to figure out the quickest route since the hospital is in the opposite direction from our normal day-to-day lives.

Thanks to everyone who has entered my first giveaway on Guess My Delivery Date! Some of you are scaring me with the birth weight and dates o! It’s still open till the 9th of Feb so feel free to join in the fun by dropping a comment here, £40 to be won 🙂

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Have a lovely weekend!


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