33 Weeks – I’m due next Month!!!

First of all, now that we’re in November, I can officially say:


Is that amazing or is THAT amazing??

Now that is out of the way, let’s move on. So I’m 33 weeks now and really starting to wish 18th of December would get here already! Plus I feel FAT.

It doesn’t help that each morning is a struggle to get out of bed with the pelvic pains I’ve recently developed! Once I’m up and about its fine, but that initial stage of getting up is an absolute nightmare, one I wish I could avoid. Or worst still when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the loo (we’re talking at least twice in the middle of the night here!) and I have to get up! Same thing. But hey, it’s either I get up or… Go figure!

So what else has been happening?

Work has been good, moving at a steady pace now, sadly still haven’t got any replacements yet so still doing my work full time, and thankfully I CAN do it so that’s good. I’ve also handed in my maternity notice, although I’ve already discussed all the information in it with them, but this is just a necessary formality. I’ll start my Maternity leave on the 30th of November (3 weeks time – when I’m 37 weeks!) and just relax… So excited!

Oh, my feet are swelling up again… Not as bad as the last time, but still there… Blood pressure is good and I’m not seeing stars or getting headaches so not too worried. However, I’ve got my midwife appointment next Friday so I’ll run it by them again, but sure it’s nothing to worry about.

My little booboo is definitely getting cramped in there! She’s not kicking as much as she used to but more like tossing and turning like she’s trying to make herself more comfortable! She especially does this when I’m at work and sitting right infront of my desk with my bump touching it! Almost like she can feel the desk poking her or something! Then I have to move back myself! Fun times… šŸ™‚

My engagement ring doesn’t fit any more. Well technically, that’s not true, it still fits but its pretty tight and these days, I hate tight stuff, so I’ll rather not wear it! Thankfully my wedding band still fits nicely so I’m making do with that for now! I still haven’t started wearing my winter boots and scared to as well! I like to feel my toes!! Whatever will I do when winter is fully upon us?

Heaven help me…

But in all things I’m thankful to God for the big things and the little things and I know we’re going to be just fine…

Have a lovely weekend!!

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