32 Weeks! Time is going slowly again

Right! So finally hit 32 weeks – the 8 month mark and I’m getting more than excited! I can’t wait to meet her and I want to hold her already! But I know I need to be patient so she comes out perfect…

Also had a midwife appointment on Friday (the male midwife again!). Baby’s heartbeat is good but he said at this point it’s more the baby’s movement. If I notice a drop in the movement I need to make a call to the clinic and they would advise me what to do. Although they will advise me to drink cold water or a fizzy drink and/or something sweet to get baby’s glucose level up and see if it’ll make the little one move! If that still doesn’t do anything then they would bring me in for a scan… I have faith it will never come to that!

I’m also free from my iron tablets since my blood levels are good! Thank God! I will still continue to go with my veggies and all but at least no iron tablets, I won’t say what they lead to as thats a bit of TMI! Let’s just say its quite annoying!

My bump also measures right so hopefully I’m not going to be having a big baby, so far… I’ve also switched clinics so I can have a water birth! Quite exciting I tell you! Although I’ve been told I shouldn’t hold my breathe because they don’t have that many birthing pools and it’s first come first serve! But figures crossed I will get the water birth done! Some people have also said when the pain starts I will forget about the water birth idea but we’ll see!

On other news, I’m having difficulties wearing my engagement ring! The horror!! Yes, I’m also aware of what that means… I’m getting FAT! At this stage there isn’t much I can do and as God would have it, my scale broke so can’t weight myself any more. Guess its just God’s way of telling me to let it be… Don’t go over board, but let it be…

8 weeks to go and counting!!

You all have a good week! I know I’m going to try my best but goodness it’s getting harder and harder…

See ya!

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