30 weeks – Sleeping with a toddler is hard! #Pregnancy 2

30 weeks – Sleeping with a toddler is hard! #Pregnancy 2

I saw this picture online and I was just like yes, this is us! Ahhhhh, it is hard! And it wasn’t meant to be this way oh, our daughter just some how achieved this for herself!

I’ve blogged a lot about Aj’s sleeping arrangement and there were days when it seemed like we had cracked it but then she’d go back to her old ways. I’m hoping when her sibling comes along things will change and if not, we’ll have to make some changes, as usual!

Aj has a way of making her way to our bed in the wee hours of the night after going down for the night in her bed – at least I’m thankful for the fact that she’s usually in bed around 8-8.30pm and I have the rest of the evening to relax! We usually have peace in our room until about 3-4am when I suddenly wake up and I see madam staring at me in the dark with her bottle in her mouth (yes, she still has a bottle at night!)  – very creepy way of waking up I tell you. She then makes her way to the middle of the bed, squeezes in and gets under the duvet then goes straight back to sleep.

At this time she knows our defenses are down because we’re still half asleep  so won’t send her back to her bed. Once she’s asleep she then starts to do things in her sleep, things which should not be done when you’re not sleeping alone! She’s a restless sleeper so she kicks her legs and throws her arms around which usually ends up in my face or mouth, sometimes she even pinches me in her sleep! At times I really just want to get up and go and sleep in her room but I’m just so tired and can barely move (turning in bed is becoming a nightmare due to the pelvic pains, we’re getting to that stage)! Hubby isn’t exempted from the attacks either although I do feel I get more! It’s a lot more manageable when it’s just Aj and I but even with that she still gravitates to my side of the bed!

Don’t get me wrong, there are nights when we don’t have these visits but I’d say that only happens about once or twice a week! I’m hoping when her sibling gets here she’d find our room too noisy for her and she’d stay away but I know I shouldn’t really hold my breath on that happening! Knowing her, she’d want to be where the action is!

Other than that, entering week 30 in this pregnancy has been great, it means I’ve got about 10 weeks to go! I’m still sleeping relatively okay aside from the turning bit but that’s to be expected with the growing bump and the increased pressure on my pelvic joint. I’ve also started to get the Braxton hicks tightening around my bump. The backache is also on the rise but I’m doing loads of cat and cow stretches which gives me some form of back relief. I went for a low-impact Zumba class during the week as well and that was hard! We’ll see how next week goes…

But right now, I’m really looking forward to having a Christmas holiday to just relax for a couple of weeks before it’s back to the grind again…

How do you and your little ones sleep? Any tips for getting a toddler to stay in her bedroom overnight?

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6 comments on “30 weeks – Sleeping with a toddler is hard! #Pregnancy 2

  1. LOL…Sounds like our situation. Only, ours goes to sleep in our bed and stays in our bed. We have tried to move her but it is futile. I have come to accept it as our lives for now. Hoping she’ll want her own space once another baby gets here but I really doubt it. I think at this point, we’ll just have to get used to it until the one I am carrying now is old enough to go to her room. Then we can get them both in there and let them cry themselves to sleep if necessary :-).

    • I definitely like the sound of them both crying themselves to sleep – in their room! That’s the long term plan here too, they’ll sooth themselves to sleep! *evil laugh*

  2. Oh I know I have this to look forward to! 😩 I could start putting him in his cot from now but truthfully, I’m too lazy. Plus he still breastfeeds at night in his sleep. I could not cope with doing that and him sleeping in his cot (we live in a one bed so no room of his own). Maybe we’ll sell his cot and buy a bigger bed lol! Congrats on 30 weeks! God bless! x

    • Yeah, looks like i’ll be joining you with the co-sleeping thing too! As last time was a struggle having her in her own cot! But we’ll see how it goes though, one step at a time right! Thanks QYM and have a lovely week! X

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