3 weeks and Exclusive Breast Feed is Not a walk in the park!

Anjie turned 3 weeks this today! Yipppeeee! From next week we can actually start counting in months, but I think I’ll stick with the week count till about 2-3 months 🙂

Anjie’s getting darker in the skin complexion department, meaning she’s once again tilting towards her dad in terms of looks! But it’s still early days so we’ll see! Some people see her pictures and insist she looks like my mum (I’ve been told I’m a darker version of my mum as well) so its just interesting to see which way she continues to swing in the looks department!

Now to the matter at hand! Breastfeeding! OMG!!! It is NOT a walk in the park! I kid you not!!! Now that said, maybe I still haven’t got hang of it yet but still! The latching business is crazy! Spoken to a number of midwives about it, read up loads and gotten people’s experience as well and it’s interesting how not all of them match! Some say if it hurts at all your not getting it right while others say its okay for it to hurt for a few seconds when baby latches on but if the pain persists then something is wrong. Right now I’m in the second camp, it’s stopped hurting outright but except for the first few seconds so I guess we’re getting there! After a few cracks and sores… Thank God for Lansinoh HPA Lanolin which I got at Mothercare, else not sure how I would have survived!!

The other issue I’ve been battling with in relation to Breastfeeding is excessive supply. Sometimes I just have to express to get some relief! Got a Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump which does the job okay (got it for half the price so can’t complain!). It’s not great but then again I’m pumping more to get rid of excess milk, although I still give it to Anjie who takes it quiet happily and doesn’t know the difference! I’ll continue to express so other people can feed her and that way maybe I’ll get some more sleep too!

And to think I signed up for 6 months of exclusive Breastfeeding… Well I’m just going to take it one day at a time and pray for the best. I’ve been told it gets better after the first few weeks so here’s praying it WILL get better soon! Or what do you think about the whole Breastfeeding experience?

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5 comments on “3 weeks and Exclusive Breast Feed is Not a walk in the park!

  1. Thanks for sharing this, pray it continues to get easier for you. Quick question, you mentioned you’re expressing, are you giving Anjie a bottle as well? How soon did you introduce it? I want to be able to allow others to feed baby as well, so curious.

    • Amen to that! I started when she was just over 2 weeks. She took to it quite well too but I only give her the bottle once in a while and once a day at most. Plus I don’t express that much either!

      • Although I’m sure you’ve done no harm it is best not to introduce a teet until after 4 weeks. Your baby can get confused and of course your body is still trying to regulate your supply.

        • Hi Eleanor! Thanks for the tip! She’s over 4 weeks now so I’ll say we’re good. Fortunately she takes to the expressed milk and actual breast quite well too so I’ll say I’m lucky! 🙂

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