29 weeks – Careful What You Wish for! Growth Ultra scan #Pregnancy 2

29 weeks – Careful What You Wish for! Growth Ultra scan #Pregnancy 2

It’s December people! Yes, I can believe it because right now I need February to get here quickly! So glad we’re in the last month of 2014! It’s been fun but bring on 2015! Here’s praying that we finish off the year with continued joy and happiness!

Last week I blogged about measuring a little bigger than recommended in my last midwife appointment, but this was partly due to fact that baby was lying in a transverse position so they couldn’t get an exact measure when they tried. However, at my last appointment it seemed okay-ish so we thought that was it! But no it wasn’t…Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true


I got a call from my midwife while at work asking if I could come over for a scan on Friday! I won’t lie, I panicked for a second but then she eased my fears and said it was more of a routine check to be on the safe side and not just brushing it aside altogether, which I thought was great as they’re walking on the side of caution.

So off we went the next day (thankfully got an early appointment unlike last time when I had to wait a couple of weeks!) and we got to see baby and it was awesome! I didn’t have to worry about having a full bladder, baby was much bigger and we saw the outline of the face and apparently baby’s already weighing over 3 lbs! Looks like this one might be competing with Aj for weight and cheeks! Everything was perfectly fine and I was still within the recommended percentile for how far along baby was – now that was music to our ears and something to be extremely thankful about!

I got to see my midwife this week to go through the scan and that was easy too, in the end we were all happy about it and glad we did it. Plus we got to have that free scan I wanted!! So no need to go for the 3D/4D scan anymore! Yipppeeee! Now, I have another appointment till January next year when I’m about 34 weeks, seems like a lifetime away… 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week!


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