28 weeks – the final Trimester!

And we hit the 3rd trimester!!


Seems like just yesterday I found our I was pregnant, but here we are, week 28 and 12 more to go… Still feels like a life time away but hey, we’re making progress… I’m just thankful to God everything is going to plan and I still have my energy so far. I don’t feel as sick and tired as I did in the early days, heck I still went for an aqua fitness yesterday and slept like a log!

Speaking of sleeping like a log, that’s definitely becoming a pipe dream! These days I wake up 2-3 times in the middle of the night to pee! And it takes forever to fall asleep again and by then I’m ready to hit the toilet AGAIN!! That’s when you know you’ve hit the 3rd trimester!

My bump, I’ve been told is still pretty small (been meaning to upload a picture here and I will soon!) but I remember a friend saying she had a bump explosion in her 7th month when it suddenly became massive! So I’m not holding my breath yet! But really I don’t want a big bump! My maternity clothes which I bought earlier are already starting to feel snug :'(. And I don’t want to go shopping again!

I’ve also got the backaches now :(. Guess it doesn’t help that my job involves me sitting down a lot, but then again I would say the same thing if I had to stand a lot! Guess I can’t win really. I just need to take more break intervals at work and stretch out more.

The last but I’m sure not the least is my HUNGER!! It’s back in full force! And fruits don’t seem to be working like they used to! I had this during the first trimester and went on an eating spree and have the weight gain to show for it! This time I will not be fooled!! I will take my time and nibble on my food while ensuring I’m still eating healthy! I read I’m supposed to increase my calorie intact by another 200 calories in this trimester but technically that is just an extra slice of toast! It just means I have to go around with extra fruits and healthy snacks in my bag, just in case…

Hmmmmm duly noted! Let’s hope I remember that….

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