28 weeks – Family Weekend & Hello Cousin Damz! #Pregnancy 2

28 weeks – Family Weekend & Hello Cousin Damz! #Pregnancy 2

Last weekend was awesome! But it ended way too quickly for my liking! We drove down to Scotland for Baby Damz‘s dedication (AJ’s new cousin!) – 5 hours on the road with a pregnant woman, a toddler and of course a man! Let’s just say the trip ended up taking a little longer than 5 hours but it was fun! In Scotland, we got all the cousins in one place – Aj, Jj, Ojj AND Damz! The only people missing were the people on the other side of the pond! I’m pretty sure the house felt the kids’ presence!

We got in midday Saturday after setting off at 5am (!!!) and left Sunday afternoon after the church reception so it was pretty much a flying visit. Thank God for the iPad or else don’t know how we would have managed the trip with AJ! Since she’s potty trained we also had to stop about every 2 hours for toilet breaks to avoid any ‘toilet accidents’ in the car – when she has to go she has to go and so do I for that matter – oh the joys of being pregnant!

It was great fun seeing all the kids together having fun and running around! The last time we visited Cousin OJJ he hadn’t quite started walking so it was lovely to see him running around with his cousins Jj & AJ – in no time again Damz will be running around with them too! How crazy is that!

Of course, the weekend won’t be complete without AJ getting very upset about leaving her cousins when it was time to go home. She was not a happy bunny but she got over it – eventually. Apparently, the others were looking for her as well when she left so needless to say, the feeling is very much mutual!

Here are some pictures we managed to take!


Cousin DJ

The gang

The 3 of Us

The Full Gang

And here is my new nephew… isn’t he just gorgeous 🙂

Hello Cousin D2

Monday was spent recovering from the many hours on the road and on Tuesday I went for my Midwife appointment. I got to listen to baby’s heart and got measured again – this time she said since I was growing consistently compared to last week I didn’t need a growth scan! I kind of wished I had gotten another free ultra-scan if I’m honest though! Those 3D/4D scans are looking more and more appealing every day but they’re not cheap! And now, I don’t get another check-up till 34 weeks! The joys of not being a first time mum! Annoying.

Would anyone recommend 3D/4D scans?

I’ll be doing my first giveaway in a couple of weeks so look out for it! Excited much! Have a good week and weekend – it’s not long now… and don’t forget to sign up for my post via emails below so you don’t miss any updates!


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