27 weeks – So far so good

Week 27 Yippeeee!!!

Funny enough nothing major has really happened this week. Can’t wait to get to the 28 week point so I can proudly say I’m in my third trimester! So got a week to get there!

My little one has definitely been getting more active though, I can tell you that! And there I was thinking she’s quiet like me, boy was I wrong! She’s more like her daddy!! And she’s also starting to recognise her dad’s voice as well! All he has to know is talk to her and she gets all excited and does somersaults! I kid you not! Quite annoying though considering she doesn’t do that for me! Hmmmmmm I’m already seeing a pattern here…

I’m also really excited about this week in more ways than one! First off, my boss is back at work!! Yipeeeeee so hopefully my workload will get an overhaul. We should start preparing for my maternity leave with handovers, especially to find out who will be taking over my campaigns while I’m gone. Fun times…

Also this week, it’s the start of the Fall season on tv! This is the best time to watch tv! Got so many line ups including Glee, Terra Nova and Modern Family, just to name a few!!! There are some others but for now most of these are starting this week! So I’m pretty sure this week will literally fly by, which I absolutely love!

Got some great news from my family as well but it’s not my story to tell, for now… Just continue to pray for the best always…

All in all have so much to be thankful for! And I’ll continue to ask the Almighty for a smooth third trimester with an On Time (note) delivery date!!

Ciao people!

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