27 weeks – Am I in my third trimester yet? Pregnancy #2

27 weeks – Am I in my third trimester yet? Pregnancy #2

I always get confused about the third trimester – some baby blog say it starts from 27 weeks while others say 28 weeks. Since I like to track silly little things like this and love every possible milestones, I’m going to say I’m in my 3rd trimester now! Thank God for that! (Even though last time I waited till I was 28 weeks – you can tell that that time is going a little too slow for me right now!)

Last weekend, hubby and I decided to do something really fun – we did a weekend city break in Paris! What did we do with our lovely daughter you ask? Well she spent time with one of her favourite cousins, JJ and aunty Bims and she loved it! She was a good girl, apparently didn’t cry for mummy or daddy and whenever we called she was always cheerful and couldn’t wait to get off the phone to go play with JJ. It did mean we were happy to have a good time and feel less guilty about taking a trip without her… Next time though, it’ definitely be a family break!

Hubby & I in Paris
Weekend Break in Paris

I had my Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) early last week and that came back negative, I’m so thankful for that. I know when I did the tolerance test last time with AJ it came back negative but I was still nervous about it, especially as I know diabetes runs in the family. The nurse was funny about it and said now would definitely not be a good time to test positive what with Christmas being around the corner, oh the horrorrrr! However, I know I still have to watch what I eat… hmmmm

This week, I also had a 27 week appointment with my midwife and I got to listen to baby’s heartbeat – always so reassuring hearing that superfast heart rate, means everything is right in their little world. I got measured for the first time as well and because of the way baby was lying (breech) it might have affected the size which came back slightly high – 30cm. The midwife said ideally they liked babies to measure the same size as the weeks, so I should be 27-28cm – however, since baby’s breech and it’s my second pregnancy this could affect things a bit, but at least they know I don’t have gestation diabetes as my GTT came back negative so I don’t need to go on a ‘diet’. So instead of not having another appointment for about 6 weeks, I’m going to have one next week just to be sure! That means I get to listen to baby’s heartbeat again, who could get upset with that… 🙂

Meanwhile, I just had to share this picture; this is what happens when you ask an almost 3 year old to ‘wipe’ herself! Cheeky missy!

Never let a toddler wipe herself
Never let a toddler wipe herself

Last of all, here’s my Brave AJ all dressed up for Children in Need day at the nursery earlier this week… It was a struggle getting her to wear this dress, she wanted to take it off every 5 minutes before we left the house but once she was at the nursery it was another story – she loved the attention and was all smiles! Although she still had her way and got it off by lunchtime though!

AJ dressed as Merida from Brave
AJ dressed as Merida from Brave

You all enjoy the rest of your week and have a lovely weekend!


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