26 weeks and starting to feel the pressure!

So I turned 26 weeks on Sunday and it’s been one hectic day after the other! Heck it’s been soo bad that I’ve got twitching eye brows!!! After much research and analysis I’ve discovered this happens to me when I’m going through stress! Go figure…

My boss is away for a few weeks at work so it seems I suddenly have a lot more work on my hands! Thankfully he’ll be back next week so that should be sorting itself out very soon, thank God!

Moving on to other issues, been house hunting for the past one month! It just seems like every house we want to look at gets snatched up before we actually see it! This happened like 3-4 times, I kid you not!! But thankfully this has been sorted this week as well! Got a lovely 3 bedroom semi-detached house, only down side is it comes unfurnished. So I need to relax now and prepare to start buying furniture in a week’s time in preparations for moving in end of the month! The Lord is my strength! Plus that’s what husbands are there for… Especially when they have a very pregnant wife 😀

Moving on to happier things! The LO is kicking away and I absolutely love it! She doesn’t miss her lunch time kicks almost like she’s trying to remind me it’s time to eat and I better not forget it! Or when I’m getting ready to sleep and I guess she wants to Move! Bless her… She’s an absolute darling already and honestly can’t wait to meet her and hold her in my arms for the first time…

On another plus, remember the Glucose Tolerance Test I took last week? Well that came back normal!! So this week has definitely been a great week, despite the pressure, and as with pressure, you know what they say, if it doesn’t kill you, it will only make you stronger! I can already feel the muscles growing and expanding!!

Oh did I tell you I cried again this week? Shameful I know… Was just tired from work, the house hunt and then to crown it all Abby had to make a one day business trip so I was home alone… Talk about being emotional! And totally embarrassing…

Can’t wait to be through with these crazy hormones!

Anyway tomorrow’s Friday!!! Yip peewee…. Sleep time!

Laters people!

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2 comments on “26 weeks and starting to feel the pressure!

    • Hi Chichi! Thanks for stopping by too!

      I had to take the test cos diabetes’ run in the family so they said I had to have it ‘just in case’. So if you don’t have a history of diabetes they won’t make you take the test unless your bump’s unusually massive!

      I’m in Leeds! Following you on twitter now 🙂

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