25 weeks and I cried…

I had my Glucose Tolerance Test earlier in the week, on Tuesday (a test to check if I have gestation diabetes) and I did something i hate doing, i cried!! Now I understand why some people don’t like hanging around pregnant ladies! I won’t want to hang around Me if I could help it sometimes!

For the test I was told to fast from 12 midnight and come in at 8.30am to take the test. Figured I would be too tired and lazy to go to work afterwards (the test would take about 2 hours) so I took a day off work to get it done. Anyway, I got there and had my blood taken, they gave me a sickly sweet drink and said I should fast for another two hours after that they would taken my blood again. Took my blood twice (I remembered how much I hate needles!!!) and stuck a bandage on the vein in my inner elbow. It hurt…

Finished the test at about 10.30am and figured I could go to the salon and get my hair done, braids I though, after I sorted my tummy out before the little one starved! Got to the salon and didn’t leave to 8pm… I know, what was I thinking. Had a sandwich alone the way though but it just wasn’t enough!

Finally got home around 8.30pm exhausted and tired! My feet were swollen from sitting down in the salon for so long and then walking about 20mins home again. I was exhausted!

Once I was a little settled, I asked Babes to help me take off the bandage. It hurt sooo much I cried like a baby!! Babes was scared! I was shocked!! Normally I can take some pain but this was beyond me!

And that is what you call the infamous pregnancy hormones!!! I remember reading someone about a pregnant woman who cried because she missed lunch and finally got something to eat and I wondered then, seriously? Crying because you missed ONE meal?? But now? Girl, I completely understand where you’re from!

I wonder what else is going to make me cry during the period… I’ll be sure to write it down so I can laugh over it years from now. But for now, it is NOT a laughing matter!!

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