24weeks Midwife Appointment!

I had a Midwife appointment yesterday and everything went well, thank God. The little one’s heartbeat is beating good and fast and my bump measured 25in from crown to bottom, so I’m measuring just right! Life is good!

It’s funny how much information you can find on the Internet! My midwife asked if I had any questions and I really couldn’t think of much to ask her because if I have a question I just ‘Google’ it and read about three or four people’s experience (trust me, someone else somewhere has gone through what your going through too!) and I’ve got my answer! Simples! I know the Internet isn’t always the best place to find information but I have to say it has definitely helped me A LOT!

I’m definitely getting back into the swing of things, although it’s a pity I can’t go to the gym anymore :'(. I’ve put on so much weight it’s quite depressing really… Wish I didn’t feel like eating junk food all the time and I could get my act together to exercise a little more, I know it would go a long way! Really don’t envy myself after the pregnancy because I’m going to have a wayyyy to go with weight loss! Oh well! I will survive…

For the weekend I’ve just decided to chill out and do a bit of house hunting since we need to be out of here end of September which is just 4 weeks away! Then I can get into the full swing of ‘nesting’ even though that is going to be a bit weird for me, since I’m not that crazy about house chores. I honestly wonder if I’ll get that pregnancy bug or not! Fingers crossed I will have the energy for it too!

So it’s back to house hunting for me! Wish me luck!


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