New beginnings… new job, town, nursery, school…

The last two month have been a whirlwind! I don’t even know where to start…

Well, I do actually, it all started with this post where I had a bit of a rant about long distance relationships! Well hubby read it and he wasn’t pleased at all! And that’s how it all began!

Next thing I knew, I found myself (and my family) in Hertfordshire!

Yes! We’ve moved down south!

After I wrote the ranty post hubby and I had a longgg talk about moving down south. I had my reservations initially, with all the things I had listed, plus, I had actually quit my job and accepted an offer with a company in Chester – I blogged about this on the Huffington Post, another major achievement which I mentioned on instagram.

So there I was at the start of March – less than 4 weeks notice at work and hubby said let’s move. Don’t get me wrong, we always said we’d move down south at some point to be closer to family, more opportunities and all, but I just wasn’t expecting it to be this soon.

And that was how we started it! I turned down my new job, finished my notice period at my old place and started job hunting down south – setup a few interviews and went for those. We also went to have a look at our would be town – that’s a story for another day, how we picked our new town! We fell in love with the place and started looking at houses to rent there.

I couldn’t really look for schools/nursery for the kids until we had narrowed down our living location but we kept an eye on a number of places and schools around there. Made some inquiries and my goodness, nursery prices were almost twice what we were paying up north – I wept!

Thankfully, we found a place, moved end of April a few weeks after I had finished my notice period at my old place; got a job 15 minutes away from the house, got the kids into nursery and resumed at the new job last week! *And Breathe*

It’s been a roll coaster ride this past few months but I’m so thankful to God how  things played out and just sorted themselves out! I won’t lie and say it was easy – hubby and I had disagreements about the town, house, the move, you name it but things eventually all came together! Something else I’m so thankful for is our kids! The way they literally just got on with it, even with all the changes to their school, friends, home, heck they adapted even better than us in fact! I’m so very proud of them!

We’re still sleeping on the floor at the moment but hey, I’ve got my whole family around me at night and that’s the most  important thing! We’ll sort out the beds soon though!

And that’s what we’ve been up to…

Have a lovely weekend ahead! Hope it’s nice and sunny where you are…




  1. Wow, big congratulations hon…..I feel like each thing is worthy of it’s own post! Well done to you guys and for stepping out in faith. Looking forward to reading more about your new town. xXx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mama Nate! I know what you mean! But if you know how long it’s taken me to write this I figure half bread is better than none, lol! I do hope to expand on them more in the coming weeks once we settle down properly! X


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