Junior Weaning at 5 months and what else is new?

Junior has started weaning! I haven’t been looking forward to this at all (I also dread potty training)! It is so messy and these babies are so unpredictable! I’ve promised myself I won’t put too much pressure on myself and will let the little man take the lead so we’ll see how that pans out…

Weaning Junior

When I weaned Aj it was more of  fruits  and that seems to show till today as at 3.5 years she is still very much a picky eater with a sweet tooth. Hubby rightly says she gets it from me as I’m a picky eater with a love of sweets myself. I have often wondered whether things might have been different if I had tried more Nigerian meals with Aj when she was still weaning – I guess now we’ll never know though…

So with Junior I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to give him more variety in hope that he doesn’t go down the route of his big sister. So I’ll be mixing up the carbs, protein and veggies with fruits in hope that he at least eats more than just fruits! I will also be throwing in lots of Nigerian dishes too!

We’ve started with porridge and fruit/veggie purée since he is less than 6 months but once he hits the half mark later this month I’ll be going down the baby led weaning route sort of like we did with Aj – giving him loads of finger food so he can feed himself. We’ve had mixed reviews with the different porridges and purée but he definitely likes the baby rice with his milk. The purees are still hit and miss especially as it’s a mix of fruits and veggies! He also loves his spoon as he’s always trying to get that into his mouth! So I really believe he’ll love baby led weaning what with him wanting to feed himself so much!

Weaning hasn’t affected Junior’s sleeping one bit! He still wakes up every 3-4 hours on a good day and 2-3 hours on not so good days. That said, he is also still exclusively breast-fed so I suspect that has something to do with it! I keep saying I will introduce baby formula but it’s just so easy to continue with breastmilk as its right ‘there’! My breastfeeding journey has definitely been positively different this time around, thank God! I guess when I go back to work in October we’ll look to add formula.

In other developments, Junior is sitting quite nicely by himself, although he takes a tumble after a few minutes. He is also rolling from his front to his back but not the other way – something Aj did as well! He has become very nosey, wanting to be where the action is all the time. He LOVES being carried so much that it is getting harder for him to seat in his car seat for more than 15-20 minutes unless someone is at the back with him, Aj doesn’t count!

School work has also started getting real so that is taking up a lot of my time – that and hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa! I do suspect August is going to be more focused on school work as I have a nasty assignment to submit end of this month! Oh what did I sign myself up to…

Hope you all have a beautiful August and I really hope to touch base more but…

P.S. have you seen this video on my instagram page? I have no words…

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