Guess My Delivery Date Giveaway! - When do you think we'll have our 2015 Valentine baby

Guess My Delivery Date – My 1st Giveaway!!

Happy New Year people! Welcome to 2015 and to kick start it I’m doing my first giveaway, how exciting!!

I’ve never done a giveaway before so I thought now would be a good time as any! Since this is my first time I’m going to try to make this as easy as possible for everyone, myself included! As you all know, we’re expecting a Valentine Baby!! So the giveaway is quite simple: Guess my delivery date! You can include the following details to stand a chance at winning a prize!

  • Date of arrival
  • Sex of the baby
  • Weight of baby
  • Time of arrival

Whoever gets it right to the closest detail wins a prize from us! As our family already know the sex of the baby I’m sorry but you’re out of the giveaway but still feel free to join in, but no spoilers please 🙂

To enter – Simply drop a comment below or send me an email with you guesstimate and that’s it!

The giveaway closes by the 9th of February 2015 at the latest (unless baby decides to show up before then!).

Now, the part we’re all waiting for – the Prize!

The Winner gets £40 Amazon vouchers (or the equivalent in pounds/dollars/naira vouchers if they prefer). Guess My Delivery Date Giveaway! - When do you think we'll have our 2015 Valentine baby

To give you some hints, here’s AJ’s birth story which has all the details of her birth which might help, although they always say each one is different and unique…

For starters, she arrived on the 21st of December (3 days late) at 7.40pm and weighed 8 lb 5 oz. So I’m expecting the entries to be similar to this and remember, the closer it is to the true result gets the prize!

And last of all, the fine print…

  • Contestants must drop a comment in the comment section below or send an email to me(@)tolafamakinwa(.)net to enter this giveaway
  • Contestants must add a name & email address in the required section to enter the giveaway so we can contact you
  • The giveaway will CLOSE when we announce the birth OR ON THE 9TH OF February at the latest – all entries after that will not be considered
  • The winner will be contacted and announced within 4 weeks of the announce date
  • The winner will be decided based on the details they’ve dropped in the comment, whoever has the closest details wins the prize
  • If more than one contestant makes the same guess and wins then the prize will be split between the winners

Good luck to everyone and please continue to keep us in your prayers! x

Update 09/02 – The giveaway has now closed! Thanks to everyone that dropped an entry! Now we wait to find out the winner seeing as our little joy still hasn’t made an appearance… 🙂

Update 27/02The winner has now been announced here! Thank you all for joining in!


  1. Date: 15/02/15
    Sex: Boy
    Weight: 8lbs9
    Time: 7pm

    lol! Just pulling random numbers out of the air is fun. Hope I come close. Bonne chance! x

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  2. Date of arrival – 18/2/2015
    Sex of the baby – gorgeous girl
    Weight of baby – 8lb 3oz
    Time of arrival – 3:40am ( sorry )

    Good luck – enjoy your new arrival

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  3. hmmmm let’s see

    Date of arrival 16.02.15
    Sex of the baby Boy
    Weight of baby 7lb 12oz
    Time of arrival 4:05pm

    Whatever he/she is and whenever it is……Good luck and congratulations! xxx

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  4. Date of arrival: 11th Feb 2015
    Sex of the baby: Male
    Weight: 8 lb 8 oz
    Time: 7:35am

    Wishing you a safe delivery. almost there yayyyyyy 😘😘

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  5. date of arrival:12-2-15
    time:6:00 p.m
    My birthday is actually 12th,so i am guessing i’ll get a cute birthday mate.

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