AJ’s Birthday in Pictures & Jammy Jam Cakes Review

Yesterday was Aj’s 3rd birthday! In the end we decided to have another quiet birthday partly because I was being lazy what with baby and her switching nurseries so she’s still making friends at her new place. We decided to have another quiet family thing like we did  with her last two birthdays and she’ll go party with her new friends in school today!

Good thing we did too because she woke up with a temperature and a swollen face the morning of her birthday! Panic!! Thankfully she was fine within a few hours but she’s definitely reacting to something because she still has a body rash! Still trying to figure out what could have caused it…

Anyway, enough about that, the pictures!

The frozen cake

The frozen cake!

Aj's 3rd Birthday

Blowing out her candles

Aj's 3rd Birthday

My little bookworm

Aj's 3rd Birthday

Aj's 3rd birthday

Aj's 3rd Birthday 2

Just the 3 of us… for now!

I have to say a massive thank you to Cheryl from Jammy Jam Cakes in Connah’s Quay! That lady is a lifesaver and she makes the most awesome cakes! I had previously booked a cake with another lady early in October (yes, because cakes are in high demand in December I need to book early!) but she got back to me a week before the day to cancel due to health reasons 😦


I called a couple of places but they were all fully booked! Thankfully Cheryl was able to squeeze in time to bake the cake and what a lovely cake it is, isn’t it? Aj fell in love with it and just keep on trying to get the figurines – which she eventually did! It was a caramel flavoured cake with raspberry/vanilla butter cream filling – delicious! Aj will be sharing the rest of it with her mates in school today, hopefully she’ll be fully up for it!

Frozen Birthday cake

Frozen Birthday cake

Next stop, Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all and have a blessed time with your family and friends!



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