Happy Birthday Boo & Introducing my new nephew OJJ!

So this past week has been a lovely week for my family! Not only was it my boo’s birthday, but we also welcomed a new member to my family! I am now an aunty for the second time! And of course, lets not forget it was Father’s day too!

The 12th was my hubby’s birthday and to celebrate this year, Anjie and I decided to get him a Chelsea cake! Last year while we were in Leeds we got some Android cupcakes which were absolutely lovely by the way so this year, we decided to go with a good old vanilla and white chocolate cake. Personally, I preferred the cupcakes, I love my icing cream too much and I just didn’t get enough of it in the vanilla and white chocolate cake. But hey, the celebrant loved it!



He also got some cupcakes for Father’s day from my cousin Buki, they were lovely – with the right about of icing on them too! Thanks Buki, we (not just Abby cos I had my fair share too!) really appreciated it! And no we didn’t plan the Chelsea theme, Abby just loves Chelsea that much…


We also had family over – Abby’s sister and my brother! Was great fun having a full house but that meant Anjie moved in with us for the week – something she absolutely loved! And is still loving till now! Some sleep training is in order I think… (I took this awesome shot, if you’re looking for me – it’s the lovely Chester city center)

And best of all, my brother OJ, and his wife Pamz are now very proud parents of a baby boy, who we(my siblings and I) have unofficially nicknames Ojj! Thankfully everyone is doing well and the young man loves his food! I can’t wait to meet him next weekend when we’ll be going over to Scotland for the naming ceremony! Anjie will be meeting her new cousin too! Right now she’s still the only girl in the clan! I need a niece!!

Isn’t he just gorgeous?


But of course, a blog post isn’t complete without a picture of my darling toddler… 🙂


You all have a lovely week!



  1. That cake is amazing!! And you and baby girl look like twins. Congrats to your brother and sister-in-love on their sweet baby boy. Anjie is going to have so much fun growing up with cousins close in age to her.


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