17 months! Where has my baby gone!

So my Anjie baby turns 17 months today! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone! This past few months have been pretty busy for me too – work and all, but hopefully everything should have settled down now! That is my excuse for not updating my blog as often as I would have liked over the past few months… But to more interesting news, what have we been up to?

Anjie has moved up to the next room in nursery! Here they’re encouraged to be a lot more independent, so they go out and explore a lot more, they are encouraged to feed themselves by eating lots of finger food really just experiment more with their food. This is particularly good for Anjie because she has a little fit when she doesn’t get her own spoon to feed herself, even when I’m feeding her as well! So most times we end up taking turns, I give her a spoon then she gives herself the next spoon, this way we get to finish eating at some time :).

She is also making her independence known by pointing to what she wants a lot more. Although she hasn’t quite started talking yet, she knows what she wants and where everything is in the house! If she wants something she goes out to get it, even if that means taking her daddy or I by the hand and walking us to the kitchen to get it. Yes, I said kitchen because most times what she wants can be found there! It could be bread, milk, cereal or banana as those are currently her favorites! She still really loves her food, which makes my life a whole lot easier too!

She still sleeps with her bottle – we shall tackle this one day. But for now, I’ve learnt in my short time of being a mummy that life (and babies) really is too short to be trying to shoehorn our babies/toddlers into a routine and making sure they do absolutely everything you THINK they should be doing (although, that said, I’d do sleep training again and again if I had to! Yes, I love my sleep that much!).

In other news, our friends back home in Nigeria just had a baby boy! Congrats to Vokay!! Welcome to parenthood (I always thought that sounded cliché but really, parenthood is something special!).

Of course, I cannot end this post without putting up some pictures of my boo boo, so here she is at 17 months and going strong…




  1. Okay can we start making her hair now???Don’t turn her into a mini Abbey plsssssssssss! But asides that my goddaughter has really grown! To think I witnessed your first day at nursery but your naughty mother refused to take a picture of both of us for memory sake (n)! lol…Love you Anjie darlyn!

    NB: I can see the backyard is being put to its rightful use! hehehe!


    1. Lol! Don’t get me started with the hair my dear! We will get there one day sha! 😁. Honestly! We didn’t take any pictures! Shameful of us! X


  2. Anjie…adorable as always, miss her loads, miss you guyz too (*cough,cough*).. Phew! How time flies. Uncle loves you Loads


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