Anjie at 16 months! We’re Swimming again!

I’m still trying to get back into blogging but it’s hard! There’s just not enough hours in the day… But we’ll get there! In the meantime, I have definitely been very picture happy, so I’ll be making up with loads of them!

We’ve go another Omoniyi baby in the family! That’s another little cousin for Anjie to play with when the young man gets older. Congrats to you guys once again if you’re reading this! So while we were meeting baby Omoniyi, Anjie also caught up with JJ! Now that was funny to watch, they were playing together and running after each other, well running and crawling… And singing



Over the past few months its amazing to see how much Anjie has grown – and I’m not talking about physical growth either! It’s funny because once baby start walking the next thing you expect is talking. But there’s so much that goes on in between. With Anjie it’s understanding what we are saying! It’s almost scary to realise she understands most of the things we say! When we tell her to do things she actually does it! Most times at least. She’s learning so fast! Although she hasn’t quite started talking, it’s only a matter of time, especially as she continues to hear us talk at home and in the nursery. Excited much!


We finally got to take Anjie swimming again after almost a year! It was a bit shaky as she initially wasn’t having it but she got over it and started enjoying herself, although I think she preferred being outside the pool than inside it!


And lastly, Anjie and I had a little photo-shoot :). It was fun!


I could go on with even more pictures but so I don’t bored you, I’ll stop here!

Hope everyone has a lovely week ahead!


  1. Your baby looks so sweet in her little swim suit! I also love your glasses. I need some like that. I wasted money one the ones I have now. I hate them and want to get some fashionable ones like yours!


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