Happy New Year! 12 Months Jabs, New Look & Job!!

Wow! This 2013 has been amazing already! Soooo much has gone on already! So much to be thankful for! Where do I start! Well first of all this is my new look…


I figured it was time for a new break and decided to do something drastic since it was a brand new year! So a massive hair chop was done! And my goodness the freedom!! I could go on and on about it :). I don’t have to worry about what to do with my hair any more, I just get up and go! After makeup of course! While I was on the hair cutting spree I trimmed Anjie’s hair as well so it’s even all round now, I think she’s so much cuter now!


Then, Anjie had her 12 months jab for Measles as well as some other things I can’t quite remember. She was a strong trooper as usual, bless her… Cried for a few secs and that was it!

And finally, *drum roll* I started a new job!! Hopefully I’ll write a proper post about it later. But either way being pretty busy with all that! All I can say is 2013 is already shaping out to be totally amazing! Next thing, weight-loss, yes I’m still on that, rather poorly too… That’s part of my new year resolutions which I will not talk too much about now!

Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year! Wishing you all nothing but an Ah-mazing 2013!!


  1. It sure takes lots of guts to cut one’s hair.I did and God gave me a second chance to have my long hair back.
    There goes my pretty daughter-in-law to be.*wink *wink.*smiles.
    Best of luck wiv ur new job


  2. Already the new year is looking bright for you! Love the new do! Your daughter is so precious!! Sorry she had to get her vaccine… never easy for the moms! Happy New Year!


  3. Congratulations on having the courage to have your hair chopped short. Are you planning to cut Anjie’s hair cut short this summer ? It will always grow back quickly and it keeps it healthy to to cut girls hair short every so often. . It also suits you to have short hair. I also have my hair cropped short and I love it !


    1. Yeah! I absolutely love it myself! And I do think I’ll be cutting Anjie’s hair again, if her daddy lets me, lol… Isn’t short hair just easier and lovely!


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