7 months old and Counting down…

So Anjie turned 7 months a few days ago! She’s literally growing right before our very eyes! And I’ll be back at work next month… Time goes by when you’re have fun…

This past week or so has been pretty busy for us as we’ve got some in-laws in town, including 14 month old twins! My goodness! Twins are HARD work! Bless them… I hope to put up some pictures later on but for now just thought I’ll write a quick post!



We’ve also started our settling in period at the nursery and so far so good, Anjie’s been a darling, thank God for that! We started with a one hour session, followed by two hours and today a morning session. So she’s slept and had meals there and I’m quite happy with that! She’s also cried a bit but overall she’s settling nicely…

Back at work on the 6th as well so will have to review my blogging then because there’s a lot to be done at work I’m sure! Fun times!! 🙂

Right back to be busy! Hope to blog again soon.

Have a lovely weekend people.

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