Happy birthday to My Husband, Anjie’s Daddy!

Today is my hubby’s birthday and Anjie and I agreed that since she hadn’t started talking she’d have a customised t-shirt to say ‘happy birthday’ to the most important man in her life! So this was what she got for her daddy!



Hubby absolutely loved it!

His other birthday gift was another obsession of his…


And I don’t mean the cupcakes! His a bit of a geek so knew Android cupcakes would tickle him silly and it did! I loved it myself!

I wish I could say I made the cupcakes myself but I have to give credit where it is due and it’s from the lovely Sarah at Cupcake Crumbs. I’ve definitely found who would be doing Anjie’s birthday cake! 🙂

Happy birthday love! Love you more everyday…

You all enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll be writing some updates on what Anjie has been up to later in the week!


  1. Tola I must confess that I secretly wished I would get those Cup Cakes on my birthday in Nigeria. All the same am glad u pulling it off well on your page….


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