Week 34 – Midwife Appointment and 2 weeks to go

First off, today’s the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011. Making it 11-11-11. As much as this is all well and good I’m not quite sure what the big deal is… All I know is it is another day to be thankful for and means we are getting closer to the 18th of December 🙂

Now that’s out of the way, went to see the midwife today. Everything was fine – generally speaking. My bump measured 33cm which is okay since I’m 34 weeks and my blood pressure was good as well. However the midwife didn’t say there were traces of protein in my urine and I had to read that in my notes, not very nice I tell you! They should tell you these things and say its nothing to worry about rather than letting me read it in my notes after the appointment! The good thing is I’m not getting any headache or dizzy spells and my blood pressure is good, else’s might have been worried that it was pre-eclampsia but heaven forbid! Other than that, the appointment went well. It’s was a female midwife and a trainee as well, so that was alright…

Mentioned my swollen feet, she said it would get worst after the baby is born and while my body is gets rid of the excess water… Hmmm. But at least she signed me up for a physio-therapy appointment cos I complained about pelvic joint pains although that will most likely be due to my body ‘preparing itself for labour’. Fun times…

Back at work, one of the senior SEO guys in my office left today for another job and I guess it made me realise that I’ll soon be leaving as well, although unlike him, I’ll be back sometime next year. As much as I’m looking forward to my maternity leave I’m also a little nervous! Sure I love to sleep and all, but it’s been a very very long time since I wasn’t working or at least doing something. Will be interesting to see how the time flies and if I wish I was back at work…

No plans for the weekend except to see Immortals the movie on sunday after church, that should be fun, especially since we haven’t been to the movies for a couple of months now – nothing we were really interested in seeing though. Other than that, should be another quiet and relaxing weekend me thinks!

For now, it’s time for my Friday tv line up – An idiot abroad, walking dead and then the new American horror story! Normally The Middle and Modern Family should be in there but looks like they are taking a season break! Hopefully they’ll be back next week!

You all have a great weekend…

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