20 weeks! My Folks, Sleep Regression and Pictures!

Well, almost! Can’t believe Junior will be 5 months next week!

My maternity leave is slowly coming to an end… Mixed feelings really. I miss going to work (not that I’m a morning person though), tasking my brain and knowing that I’m working towards taking my career to the next level, that’s exciting for me so I’m looking forward to that! But also knowing that very soon my baby boy will be crawling and running everywhere and my cuddle time will be slashed in half… well, I don’t want to think about it!

Anyway, what has been going on here? For one thing, my folks are in town!!! Yipppeeeeee!

I thought having my folks in town would mean I’ll be writing 2-3 blog posts a week, I’ll be going to the gym 3-4 times a week and lose all my extra weight, hubby and I would hit the cinema at least once a week, in fact, I thought there would be world peace when they got here. I should have known… all I’ve been doing since my folks arrived is sleep, and I mean SLEEP! I honestly didn’t realise how sleep deprived I was until they got here!

Junior has been showing me pepper in the sleep department! I don’t know whether this is the 4 months sleep regression which has progressed to 5 months or the young man is trying to tell me he’s ready for real food or what! But it’s been tough! He goes to bed between 7 and 8pm and does roughly 3 hours sleep and after that, all bets are off! He wakes up around 11pm, has a bottle and if I’m luck sleeps till 2am but most times it’s 1am and wakes up every 1.5/2 hours after that till about 6am when he wakes up officially! By this time Aj is awake as well and joins us in bed. By 7.30am I struggle to get out of bed, hand Junior over to his grandma and get Aj ready for nursery. Once I drop her off and come back home I feed Junior again and straight to bed for me till midday at least!

And before I know it, it’s time to pick up Aj from nursery, bed time and I’m ready to ‘sleep’ again… Oh well 🙂

Anyway, here are some of my favourite moments from the past few weeks… If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a few already!

My cheeky little miss sunshine…

A little story behind this picture. I wanted to take a picture of Grandma & Aj, so I told Aj to say cheers. She turned to her grandma and said ‘Grandma, say cheers’! Had us both in stitches!

Both my babies at 4 months…

My daughter wanted to hold the mic after church and she sang a little song too… bless her 

Yeah, Junior is definitely getting ready…

You all have a blessed and beautiful Monday!


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6 comments on “ 20 weeks! My Folks, Sleep Regression and Pictures!

  1. Awww… He is so cute! I hear ya on going back to work. We don’t get paid maternity so we have to use accrued sick and annual leave. Is that the same thing there? Do you still get paid while on maternity?

    • The government pays a basic rate for the first 39 weeks, unless one has a separate arrangement with their employer. But we still accrue holidays though so that helps loads! X

  2. These are incredibly cute. Love the pictures of AJ with Grandad and Grandma too. Lucky you to be able to get a bit of break since your folks are in town.

    Also love that you’ve put in a picture of you, do you ever find you have a hundred pictures of the kids and very few of you with the kids?

    Hope you’re still enjoying your last days at home before you’re back at work.

    • Ohhh yes! It definitely feels like I don’t own my own phone any more! I have to make a conscious effort to take a picture of myself! Don’t remind me about going back to work… 🙁

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