16 week Immunisation and finding a Nursery/Daycare/Childminder

16 weeks and it’s that special time again for the dreaded vaccines… This month she had 3!!! But thankfully she took it well, crying for a few seconds and then was okay. Next thing I knew, she was asleep like this! Bless her…


This is her third set, had one at 8 weeks and 12 weeks; thankfully the next one would be when she turns a year old or so. Also with this vaccine it means we are closer to getting her ears pierced

We also got her weighed in and shes growing nicely at 6.74kg (thats 14.14lbs) at just over 16weeks! Thank God for a healthy and happy baby! In terms of development she’s definitely making good use of her hands now, grabbing toys and putting it in her mouth – could this also be a sign for teething? We’ll find out soon enough!

So over the last few months finding a nursery or childminder for Anjie has been on my mind, especially as my maternity leave draws closer to an end… Yes, the days of sleeping and waking up when we like will soon be all gone!

We initially thought of going for a childminder but figured Anjie would benefit from interacting with more kids and people around her, not just one person whom she might get overly attached to, plus most of the childminders I came across were actually fully booked for a year! Oh well…

So I’ve been looking around for a nursery near the house and work. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to either of these but since this was our first nursery search we (hubby and I) are more interested in going with our gut feelings about the place, including the people, environment and vibes we get. Hence close to home or work, it didn’t really matter to us.

Initially I went online to read up choosing a nursery but I found questions which I just didn’t see the logic behind some and others were a tad bit paranoid (I refuse to put fear in my heart my asking some of those intrusive questions!) so figured there was no point really, although I did get a few good tips. In the end we went for one near the house which is lovely! It’s just about 5 years old, privately run with a small but steadily growing number. We got good vibes off the people there and both love the location but I have to admit hubby loves it more! :D. it’s also on our route to work so we can drop Anjie and pick her up on our way to and from work.

We’ll have a few test sessions to see how Anjie takes to the place before I go back to work, to sort of ease her gently into the nursery. I’m scared and worried she will not be taken care of the way I would and think she’s still a baby! My baby!! But in the long run I believe it’s for the best. But that doesn’t stop me from praying for the best all the time… I also know after the first few sessions I’ll feel a lot more better. I’m also very curious to see how Anjie takes to the new experience, normally she’s pretty alright with new things so this should definitely be interesting. I’ll let you know how that goes when we do it!

Have a great week everyone!!

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