12 week Baby Vaccination and a Barbecue in the Sun

So last week Friday Anjie got her second set of vaccination at the baby clinic. My darling daughter took it like a champ and cried for a few seconds and that was that! I felt so proud. She had one on each thigh. Now this is the immunisation for 12 weeks and apparently there’s another at 16 weeks which is three!!! OMG!! What are they trying to do! Anyway we will cross that bridge when we get there…

We also went for a barbecue on sunday where we saw a totally new side to Anjie…

So we got invited for the barbecue since the sun is coming out a lot more these days (I’ve also started stocking up on summer clothes! The joy of having so many seasons in a year!). The barbecue was scheduled for 5pm but us being Africans we got there around past 6pm (and I don’t say this proudly… I’m still trying to get used to getting myself AND a little baby ready! Takes a lot more time than I realise!). Now Anjie’s sleeps between 7 and 8pm based on our daily routine so already tiny alarm bells were going off in my head, but hey we hadn’t been very social much so figured whatever! Big mistake!

There were about 10 guests in total all cooing over the little missy and I guess it eventually got too much for her because madam started crying! Now this cry we’ve never heard before! It was a low but persistent cry, just humming away! And she was at this for close to an hour! Tried feeding her (breast AND bottle) taking off some of her clothes, changing her diapers, rocking her, but nothing worked! My hubby said the cry was not a sprint but a marathon so she was pacing herself which is why it wasn’t a loud I-will-scream-the-roof-down cry which she does at home! In the end hubby had to go home (fortunately just 10mins away) to get the strap on sling which she loves and that eventually did the trick!

So the moral of the story?
1. Always be prepared and carry everything madam likes!
2. Always try to work within the routine time
3. Babies will be babies, do not panic!

While she slept we had a great time and of course she eventually woke up and started staring at everyone but at least she didn’t cry again! It was quite interesting to see her like this! Normally she’s a curious girl and would let people carry her but that day she just wasn’t having it! Plus I guess it didn’t help that she knew she wasn’t at home and didn’t recognise a lot of the faces when she should be getting ready for sleep. She was just overstimulated and did not hesitate to make a big show out of it!

All in all it definitely made me appreciate the happy Anjie I know and I promise to never take her for granted again! Scout’s honour!

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