11 months – Meet Cousin JJay & Grandma leaves

So Anjie turned 11 months on Wednesday! Less than a month to go! Where has my little baby gone! She’s grown up so fast! I’m just so thankful for her everyday! I know she’s going to be an extremely smart and intelligent lady when she grows up! And I’m not just saying that as a proud mum! Lol…
And here’s the little madam on the move as you can see. She let me done a small weave on her hair as well. Just wish she would stay still a little longer though so it would have been nicer! She was getting ready for nursery here, hence the rucksack!


We said goodbye to Grandma today… She’s going back home to Nigeria. We’re all going to miss her so much! God bless her for helping out so much! Don’t think it has quite hit Anjie yet, I’m sure she’ll go into her room a few times before she realises it. So Anjie will be going to nursery full-time now. Should be fun! Not!

Speaking of nursery, she caught a bug last week while there! She had a massive throw up and wasn’t her cheerful self so had to come home early. Grandma said she was just fine when she got home though, Cheeky missy! Good thing hubby works from home so didn’t have go home.

For our last ‘date night’ while Grandma was around we went to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2. Yes, I’m a Bella & Edward fan! Read all four books even before they thought of doing the movies! They’re my guilty pleasure. Dragged hubby literally kicking and screaming AND sighing all through the movie. But even he had to admit it had a nice story this one!

And finally, Anjie met her cousin JJay!!! Took a trip down south and it was fun! JJay loves babies as well so he was all over Anjie, but she took a bit to get used to the new environment. Just when she was starting to settle we had to leave!!! Boooooo… Hopefully next time we’d make it a much longer and relaxed trip.




I’ll imagine this week is going to involve a lot of readjusting but thankfully the holiday season is almost here! So looking forward to that! But like my favourite motto, I will just take it one day at a time, no pressure… We got this!

Everyone have a great weekend! X

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