10 Things to know about Nigeria

When I was approached by Giffgaff the phone company to take part in their international campaign I absolutely loved the sound of it! I thought it’d be a great way to share some facts about my hometown Nigeria from my point of view. So here we go!

1. Yes, English is our main language. As we were colonised by the British a long time ago, English is ‘national’ language of the country spoken by everyone and taught in all schools. We also have Pidgin English which is a broken version of English which we all speak. So please don’t be shocked when you hear a Nigerian speaking very good English 🙂

2. There is no such thing as a Nigerian language. We have over 250 languages and dialects in the country so it’s pretty hard to say this is THE Nigerian language. There are 3 more prominent languages though – Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa – they are the largest and most popular speaking languages in Nigeria.

3. We LOVE parties. A typical Nigerian will look for any excuse to have a party AND/OR attend one! We just love to celebrate and have a good time! And the best part about the party? Item no. 7, also known as FOOD!!! After that I’d say dancing comes next!

4. We don’t mess with our religion. We’re a very very religion nation. Even though we have two main religions, Christianity and Islam, this doesn’t prevent us from practising one bit! We love God and love going to church/mosque – one of the many reasons we have thousands of church in the country.

5. We are usually blunt to a fault. This is something I’m finally getting used to here in the UK! Back home, we just say things like we see them! That doesn’t mean we’re 100% honest but we don’t hesitate to give our opinions and speak our minds – now this can be extremely annoying as well but at least you’ll always know where you stand.

6. We love money and power. Now this might seem strange to add in but it actually goes hand in hand with no 3., in fact it should probably be somewhere at the top but it’s not a prioritised list! We love money to a fault and will do a lot of things to get it.

7. We love to the flashy and expensive life. In line with no. 6, we love the good life. Expensive cars, big houses, expensive clothes and accessories? You name it! We’re definitely not conservative and don’t hesitate to flaunt our wealth at our neighbours and friends which usually leads to competitions to see who can spend the most and other ridiculous/childish things.

8. We love respect. We don’t mess with our elders and give them loads of respect. This includes our immediate family and extended relatives, heck it includes anyone you think might be older than you! We say sir and madam/ma a lot. If we don’t say sir or ma then its aunty or uncle! If you have money then all the more reason why people will call you madam or aunty!

9. We have leadership issues. We aren’t great at picking the right leaders and the leaders in place are horrible at taking care of its people. So more often than not you find that most people have found ways to take care of themselves!

10. Nigeria is a beautiful country
Obudu Cattle Ranch
Erin Ijesha Waterfall
Agbokim Falls Cross River
Need I say more?

Honestly can’t wait to take Anjie back home when she’s a little older and teach her about her roots some more!

God bless and help our country, Nigeria!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter celebration! I’ll be putting up some Easter pictures later in the week too!

Image credit – NaijaGist

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