1 month later – The Attack of Baby Rash!!

So Anjie turned one month today! I’m not going to say ‘how time flies’ because I remember each and everyday! I do wish the time would go faster cos I cannot wait till she’s more interactive and sleeps through the night – that’s just some of the things I’m looking forward to right now…

But right now, the infamous baby rash has made an ugly appearance this past week! It’s all over her cheeks and chin! Absolutely horrible and breaks my heart every time I see it! A lot of people (including the health visitor) have reassured me that as long as there’s no change in her temperature, feeding and normal activities then it’s fine. I just need to monitor it and make sure its clean and moisturized regularly so it doesn’t become too dry!

Baby rash is apparently quite common with newborn babies and could be due to a number of things. The main thing been the change of environment from the womb and in preparation of the ‘real’ skin making an appearance, or so I’ve been told… Sometimes baby rash could also be mistaken for Eczema, and I’m praying that’s not the case here! Once again, it needs to be monitored to ensure it’s clearing up and not increasing, if it doesn’t seen to go over the next few weeks (I’ve been told it could take months sometimes!) then we have a problem. I’ve decided to give it till end of next week to review it and if it doesn’t seem to be getting better by then I’m booking an appointment with my GP to get it looked at again since the health visitor won’t be around for a bit.

On a plus note, we registered Anjie this week so we’ve got her Birth Certificate and all we need is her passport then we’re good to travel should we feel so inclined… Also my baby girl is getting bigger and bigger! She got weighed earlier in the week and has increased to 4.24kg (9lb 6oz) from 3.72 (8lb 2oz) when she was last weighed at 13 days. So hurrraaayyyy for breast milk!!

I’m also hopeful we’re get a full blown smile this coming week since she’s started holding stares more and can see the start of the smiles (not just the drowsy smiles)! So we’ll see how that goes…

But right now I’m off to express some milk! Enjoy the rest of the week!


Thankfully the baby rash or eczema as we now know it is gone! Oilatum for babies did the trick although it took about 5 weeks to get the worst of it gone!

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