16 week Immunisation and finding a Nursery/Daycare/Childminder

16 weeks and it’s that special time again for the dreaded vaccines… This month she had 3!!! But thankfully she took it well, crying for a few seconds and then was okay. Next thing I knew, she was asleep like this! Bless her…


This is her third set, had one at 8 weeks and 12 weeks; thankfully the next one would be when she turns a year old or so. Also with this vaccine it means we are closer to getting her ears pierced

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36 weeks – Busy busy Week it was!

Wow!! 36 weeks!!! This week has been pretty busy and so much has been going on! Where do I start?!

First of all, my parent are in town! All the way from Warri, Nigeria! They got in last weekend and have been at my brother’s place all week. He just graduated with a Doctorate in Human Computer Interaction! How awesome is that? So a big short out to my big bro for setting such amazing standards for his siblings to follow!

So hubby and I went over to Middlesborough for the graduation ceremony, which is just about 1.5hrs from Leeds. After the ceremony we went on to Newcastle and came back the next morning. Fortunately, we took a half day Wednesday and Thursday so didn’t have to rush back into work Thursday morning.
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32 Weeks! Time is going slowly again

Right! So finally hit 32 weeks – the 8 month mark and I’m getting more than excited! I can’t wait to meet her and I want to hold her already! But I know I need to be patient so she comes out perfect…

Also had a midwife appointment on Friday (the male midwife again!). Baby’s heartbeat is good but he said at this point it’s more the baby’s movement. If I notice a drop in the movement I need to make a call to the clinic and they would advise me what to do. Although they will advise me to drink cold water or a fizzy drink and/or something sweet to get baby’s glucose level up and see if it’ll make the little one move! If that still doesn’t do anything then they would bring me in for a scan… I have faith it will never come to that!
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28 Week Midwife Appointment

So Friday came and I went to see the midwife. And shockingly it was a Male midwife!!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues, (or maybe I do!) but there’s something just odd about that. In the end he was a really nice man! Answered all my questions, measured my belly (29cm, just right, thank God) and checked my blood pressure, that was great as well. So all is well with my little one and the male midwife did his job just right!
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