3rd trimester

Aunty Bola and her nephews and niece

28 weeks – Family Weekend & Hello Cousin Damz! #Pregnancy 2

Last weekend was awesome! But it ended way too quickly for my liking! We drove down to Scotland for Baby Damz‘s dedication (AJ’s new cousin!) – 5 hours on the road with a pregnant woman, a toddler and of course a man! Let’s just say the trip ended up taking a little longer than 5 hours but it was fun! In Scotland, we got all the cousins in one place – Aj, Jj, Ojj AND Damz! The only people missing were the people on the other side of the pond! I’m pretty sure the house felt the kids’ presence!


28 weeks – the final Trimester!

And we hit the 3rd trimester!!


Seems like just yesterday I found our I was pregnant, but here we are, week 28 and 12 more to go… Still feels like a life time away but hey, we’re making progress… I’m just thankful to God everything is going to plan and I still have my energy so far. I don’t feel as sick and tired as I did in the early days, heck I still went for an aqua fitness yesterday and slept like a log!